Why Invest In No Load Gold Funds?

You’ve seen the advertisements on television and the net touting that investing in gold is the way to go. If you follow the investor trade magazines, you will also be aware that gold has had steady increases over the last five years. The savvy investor will always ask the questions before jumping into the pond: Why invest in no load gold funds?

Historically, gold has been an incredibly sound investment. Gold has held it’s own through the rough seas of a questionable economy and has proven to be a low risk investment. No matter what the economy or how good or bad the stocks are doing, gold has been a tried and true investment.

Those that have invested in load gold funds also know that there are quite a few fees that add up and can off set the margins. If you have a balanced portfolio, you should be looking at no load gold funds. The up side in the no load gold fund topic is that you are investing in a steady commodity without the excessive fees and extra costs. It’s also the only credit risk free investment exchange because there isn’t any other party involved for liability.

You need to go into the no load gold funds topic with eyes wide open. While the dividends exist, they are not always very high. That is one of the prices that you pay with an investment of lower risk value. Analysts are projecting that gold will continue to steadily increase; however, the sharp increase in the last five years does not guarantee a continuance. You will need to keep your ears open as well. Some of the various countries that have an excess of gold have indicated that they might flood the market. The gold would thereby experience a lowering of value.

Many of the no load gold funds have gains that are remarkably sturdy over more than a five year span. Some of these extend over eight years. No load gold funds have outperformed mining stocks, hands down. When compared to standard precious metals, they have also shown a lot more promise and the gains that investors are looking for.

It isn’t surprising to see some of the companies that have always maintained a strategy of a more conservative latitude, expanding their horizons into the no load gold venue. Just take a peak on any of the top websites and preview some of the no load gold funds and preview some of the new players. These are reliable and stable companies that see the no load gold funds as an excellent choice for their money. That, in itself, is a good indicator that this is a direction you may want to pursue.

If you want to do all of the foot work yourself, it will take you a bit of time. Since time is money, a good piece of advice would be to have a conversation with an investment counselor. They specialize in keeping up on the topics and might be one of your best investments yet.