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Where is the Best City for Property Investment in 2011?

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Where is the Best City for Property Investment in 2011?

A real estate professionals’ survey revealed that the best place for developing property in Europe is currently Istanbul. The largest city in Turkey is by far the best place for purchasing property on the entire continent. According to more than 600 real estate professionals, Turkey in general is the best country to invest in property.

The Istanbul Gem Invest agency director and property investment expert, Alexander Tomlinson, said that from an international perspective, the most attractive prospects are apartments in the Bahcesehir area and those like it. An example includes modern new developments starting at £29,000, which are very affordable from the investors’ point of view. The expected capital growth is strong, and there is a two-year rental guarantee.
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US dollar 2011 – What Should We Expect in the Second Half of the Year?

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US dollar 2011

In this article I have discussed the current US dollar trends: where the downward pressure is coming from, what opposing forces are working to maintain its value, and what is in store for the dollar in terms of its global dominance.

Where is the downward pressure on the US dollar 2011 coming from?

The dollar stands to benefit from stronger economic results in the US in the first quarter of 2011, but with the rest of the world seeing similar improvements, their Central Banks are set to raise their interest rates before the Federal Reserve does. This will attract investors, and high yielding currencies will be likely to rally at the expense of the US dollar. Only if there is a higher than expected recovery in the US markets further into 2011, or further problems in the Eurozone will investors remain interested in the US dollar, low rates or not.
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Invest in Facebook – 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t do it!

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Invest In Facebook – 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do It!

The second biggest Internet company in the world today, no other on-line creation has done more to waste employee time than Facebook has! It is so popular, that many companies have now even banned it. Whilst Facebook has moved away from applications (virtual garden, anyone?) to personal communication: making it easier than ever to keep in contact with photos, videos and updates, it has continued to bring in tens of thousands of new users every day.

With any company of this size and success, there will always be excitement in the investment community about possible profits to be made; basically, everyone wants a slice of the pie. Facebook investment is a hot topic and if you want to invest in Facebook, then this article is a must read.
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The 5 Top Investment Myths and Investment Mistakes

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How to Invest In Stocks for Beginners

Investing is a topic that everyone seems to have something to say about, but some so-called “advice” is nothing more than a bunch of investment myths. Here are 5 of these myths and the investment mistakes that I have seen people commonly make:

Investment Myth #1: I’m too young to bother investing in my retirement.
Like many people, you are probably saying you are too young to worry about retirement, even though you may be in your thirties. The reality is that you are never too young to think about retirement, because time really does go by quickly. Your retirement will only be your “Golden Years” if you actually start planning and investing in it now, so that you have money to spend when you reach that age, instead of working overtime and retiring later than others.
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