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True no load mutual funds exist?

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True No Load Mutual Funds Exist?

The first quarter of 2010 has brought a revolutionary investment situation. More and more investment firms are adding their top of the line and formerly load funds into the array of no load mutual funds. Investors sprang forward to this exciting opportunity with more glee than a happy puppy. This seemed like a too good to be true scenario, and, in many cases it was. The result was the fact that the costs associated with these no load funds were actually there, but rearranged in a different manner. So do true no load mutual funds exist?
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Why would anyone buy a load mutual fund?

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Why Woud Anyone Buy A Load Mutual Fund?

The buzz in the investment market is all about no load mutual funds. Every investor has always been required to pay the price for load mutual funds. But with the new infusion of high quality, no load funds, the market direction has been shaken to its core. With the money that is saved in no load funds why would anyone buy a load mutual fund?
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Municipal Money Market Funds and Tax Optimization

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Municipal Money Market Funds And Tax Optimization

Municipal money market funds can offer investors a number of advantages, and some of the biggest benefits with these funds is the special tax considerations which are given to them. Investors who find themselves in a high tax bracket, or those who just want to keep more of their money and pay out less in taxes, may find that municipal money market funds are an ideal choice for these purposes. These investments are very liquid, so you do not have to wait until a buyer can be found if you choose to sell your shares, and the tax advantages can be substantial. In some cases you may be exempt from local, state, and federal taxes on any returns that you earn with these investment choices, and this can add up over time.
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Bond Investment Advice: Making Money From Money in Hard Times

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Bond Investment Advice: Making Money From Money In Hard Times

Bond investment advice can be very beneficial, especially for new and inexperienced investors, and bonds have always typically been seen as a way of making money from money when times are hard. When the economy slumps and a recession hits, the stock market has a tendency to drop like a rock, and this sends investors running scared. Bonds are seen as a safer alternative when the stock market is unfriendly to investors and losses are more common than gains, and bonds also pay dividends just like stocks do. Bonds are not subject to the same volatility as stocks are, but they offer many of the same benefits. During hard times these investments have always been popular, and this is true now just as much as it was in the past.
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