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Investing in Mining – How to Invest in Mining the Intelligent Way

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Investing In Mining – How To Invest In Mining The Intelligent Way

Mining is a hugely expensive business. It is both capital- and labor-intensive, from finding the minerals themselves to extracting and refining them. So, it is common for mining companies to raise funds by tapping the equity market and selling stock. However, a lot of mining companies end up bankrupt instead of hitting the jackpot. If you are considering investing in mining, you should really do your research to avoid some fundamental pitfalls.
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How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners

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How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners

If you are new to the stock market, it no doubt seems a bit overwhelming and complicated…it certainly did for me at the beginning! Most beginner investors don’t even know where to start. Some may not even fully understand how the market works. But not too worry – I have cast my mind back to those days and written a guide for how to invest in stocks for beginners that should give you a bit of a head start.
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Mutual Funds vs Stocks – Help! I Can’t Decide.

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Mutual Funds Vs Stocks - Help! I Can't Decide.

The mutual funds vs stocks debate is something which every experienced investor has contemplated at depth at some point in time. The simple answer is that there is no answer, in the objective sense. Every investor has to decide for himself, as it depends directly on how much risk he or she wants to take, and how much time he or she can put into the decision making process.

This article will help you make that big decision of how much money to put into mutual funds, and how much into stocks.
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Stock Market Forecast 2011 – The truth behind what the gurus are telling us.

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Stock Market Forecast 2011 – The Truth Behind The What The Gurus Are Telling Us.

You want to get a head start on where the stocks are going in 2011? Looking for some expert advice which will give you a nice little summarized prognosis for the year ahead? Then read this article, and consider it a warning!

With the New Year just gone, all media outlets are desperate to get a sneak peak at next year’s indices and get the predictions on what they will be like at this time next year. So, they turn to so-called experts and gurus for their educated opinions on 2011 stock market predictions. And it is a great job for those “experts” and “gurus”, because if they are right, they will get praise all year, and if they are wrong (which is just as likely), then most of the time no one will call them on it.
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