Making Ecology based no-load mutual fund investment decisions

In an era when we want to make sure that every investment move we make is a wise one, many people are interested in ecological decisions for no-load investments. Surprisingly, there is very little information on the net to use for research, but it you dig deep enough you can find no-load mutual fund investments with ecologically friendly companies.

Selecting from a number of ecology topics for your investment is the first key direction. There are many ecological topics to choose from: home building materials, zero waste, climate action, alternate fuels, anti-toxins (alternative chemicals), environmentally safe packaging, organic food products; and the list goes on. You might want to investigate to see which companies work with organizations that contribute towards an ecology based system. Many companies are partnered with ‘green banks’ as well as ‘fair trade’ organizations. The green banks focus their investment dollars into earth friendly ventures with better than competitive rates, green-lines-of-credit and green-cash. Fair trade works with local farmers and co-ops to give the profit margins to the farmers and co-ops themselves instead of the ‘middle man’. Products that are produced will have the ‘fair trade’ branding and are increasing in popularity as we progress in a green and fair economy.

If you want to really delve into the investment arena, you might consider attending some of the ‘green festivals’ that are held nationwide. These festivals not only offer companies and products that are based in an earth friendly arena, but leverage the business conference style approach for those interested in investing in the future. Many of the green companies will hold seminars and be represented as guest speakers. The purpose is to get their vision out to the public and this is a major source for you for no-load mutual fund investments. There is a great amount of networking that occurs at the green festivals, with an ability to locate more concentric contacts for you after you return home.

You may want to look into a combination effort for your investments. There are great strides being made in the healthy home, non-toxic and sustainable divisions. There are earth-friendly home builders that are using sustainable and recycled materials as well as non-toxic substances in lieu of chemicals. These can include the base building structure all the way to insulation, ceiling, flooring, water systems and recommendations for sustainable furniture.

You may have thought that the pesticides and cleaners that are on the market are safe, simply because the government allows them to be on the shelves. This is not the case. There are still many that are unsafe or actually haven’t had testing for long term use in humans. While it is a good idea to find some of the start up companies for your no-load investments don’t overlook some of the well know companies. Some of the largest corporations have made conscious decisions to begin producing natural and organic pest products as well as plant based and organic cleaners.

Plastics are everywhere and, since they are petroleum based, they end up in every area of our environment. The largest problem involves plastic products that end up in our oceans, creating huge ‘plastic islands’ that float around, untamed and uncontrolled, killing a lot of sea life. Since plastics take centuries to biodegrade, there are many companies that are creating plant based and biodegradable alternatives. Other companies have produced Styrofoam alternatives for the intense amount of packing used for shipping.

If you want to get into the local level for no-load investments, do a bit of research in the restaurant, big box and chain topic. Find out which companies that you currently purchase your weekly products from have made strides to offer earth friendly products, reduce their carbon footprint, build using sustainable products and stop carrying the toxic products that can hurt us, our children and the wildlife.

If you are serious about making ecology based decisions for no-load mutual funds, you might want to diversify your investments in a number of divisions. As always, do your homework and if you are unsure about a company it is wise to seek out the advice of an investment professional. A small dollar spend will be worth it, to get the guidance you need on a particular company and their success rate.