European Region
  • The best no load funds for the European region are those which have fewer risks involved and lower operating expenses
  • European mutual fund investments can include no load index funds
  • The best no load funds will fit with the investment strategies, goals, and acceptable risk levels of the individual investor

European region mutual funds can be a great investment for many, but these funds may not be right for others due to a variety of reasons. European region no load index funds, and a European mutual fund investment, can offer many benefits but these funds can also offer some drawbacks as well. These are funds which have the majority of fund investments in the European region, either across the region or in a single European country within the region. Choosing the best no load funds from this sector means saving money on investment costs, because there are no outrageously high load fees at five percent or more to pay. There is also usually no 12b-1 marketing fees to increase costs, but a few of the best no load funds may charge a small marketing fee. If the marketing fee that is charged by European region no load index funds and other types of no load funds is more than one fourth of one percent of the net asset value of the fund, it is really a load fund that hides the load fees into the 12b-1 marketing fee. Avoid these funds if the aim is to invest in the best no load funds available.

One of the best no load funds when it comes to a European mutual fund investment is the Metzler/Payden European Emerging Markets Fund, with the trading ticker MPYMX. This is a European region fund that is also considered an emerging markets fund. This fund has net assets worth close to one hundred and fifty million dollars, and is given two stars by Morningstar. A year to date return of more than forty percent makes this fund a good performer. It was started in the year 2002, and is currently managed by Markus Brueck, who has been lead manager of the fund since inception. A five thousand dollar initial investment is needed for this European region fund, making it very accessible to most investors, and the total fund expense ratio is one point four seven percent. The Metzler/Payden European Emerging Markets Fund has one hundred percent of the holdings in stock, and these include a variety of companies. Gazprom OAO, Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A., OJSC Oil Company Rosneft, PKO Bank Polski S.A., MMC Norilsk Nickel ADR, Lukoil Company ADR, and other companies make up the top ten holdings for this European mutual fund. A big portion of this fund portfolio includes the utilities, financials, energy, and industrial materials sectors.

Another of the best no load funds for the European region is the JPMorgan Russia Select Fund. This fund trades under the symbol JRUSX, and is offered by the JP Morgan fund family. It is not well diversified, similar to no load index funds, and this specific European mutual fund portfolio is heavy in energy, industrial materials, and utilities. This can leave investors open to losses if these sectors start to perform poorly. Net assets for this fund are valued at close to five million dollars, and the year to date return for the fund is an astounding eighty four percent. This is considered an institutional fund, so the initial investment amount required is quite high at one million dollars. Holdings for this fund are more than ninety nine percent stocks. These stocks include those in Dragon Oil PLC, OJSC Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works GDR, OAO Tatneft GDR, Gazprom OAO, MMC Norilsk Nickel ADR, Surgutneftegas OAO, Magnit, and Sberbank Rossii OAO, among others. No matter which European region mutual funds are chosen to invest in, the best no load funds are those which minimize risks and investment costs while maximizing the fund returns.