List Of No Load Mutual Funds

If you are considering a mutual fund investment then you may want to look at a list of no load mutual funds, but where can you find this? Locating a list of the top performing no load mutual funds does not have to be difficult with all the online resources that are available, and there are many websites that offer investment advice and choices for the best no load mutual fund. One website that can be very beneficial in these circumstances is This financial advice and investing website offers a top twenty five list of no load mutual funds that stand out above the others and really shine. Morningstar is another investment site that lists the top performing no load mutual funds, and this website offers screener tools which let you adjust your search criteria for various factors. You can also run a general search using specific words to find a list of possibilities for your investment capital, and you will get hundreds of results. Remember to make sure that the online list you are looking at is current though, because you do not want to base your investment decisions on an outdated list that is three or four years old.

Finding a list of no load mutual funds online can be very easy, and takes almost no time at all. Once you find the top performing no load mutual funds make sure you take the time to do the necessary research and fund comparisons. Just because a fund is listed as a best no load mutual fund does not mean that this is the right choice for you and your investing goals and needs. Look at the author of the list as well, and determine whether this is someone you would trust to make investing decisions with your money. Examine the investing experience and education of the author to determine whether the list of no load mutual funds is one that you should use or if you would be better using a different list of funds to choose from.

Finding a list of no load mutual funds is the easy part, it is choosing a fund that performs well and meets your investment strategies and acceptable risks that is the hard part. Once you have figured out which top performing no load mutual funds to include in your comparisons and evaluations you will have to look at each aspect of them to weed out ones that are not suitable. Once you have the names of these funds then you can always use financial screeners and other investment tools to get as much information as possible so you can make informed investing decisions. Each list of no load mutual funds will usually be different, because what is right for you may be completely wrong for another investor. Different websites and authors may also use different criteria to rate a mutual fund, and what rates as the number one on some lists may not make the grade or even rank tenth with others.