Stock Market Trading Software – The Main Types Of Stock Trading Software

There is a lot of stock market trading software available today, all to make your investing and trading life easier. Here are some examples of such stock trading software. Most of it is free and you can download it right off the internet:

STOCK ACCOUNTING. This stock trading software gathers your accumulated trade history. It is also able to access a variety of stock brokers online, where you can compare or match your trades so that you can calculate your losses or gains accurately when it comes to a particular transaction. This software can even link directly to the IRS and your accountant, so they can determine whether you have indeed made a profit.

STOCK DAY TRADING. This stock market trading software is perfect for those who do day trading for a living. The normal trading times are between 8am and 4pm Eastern Time, but we all know that day traders need to know what’s going on with the stock market outside this rigid time frame. So, if you’re keen on day trading, but still want to have a life outside of staring at your computer monitor, this software is ideal.

STOCK QUOTES. Stock market enthusiasts praise the Stock Quotes Software. Everything is about the bid price and the price that is asked when it comes to a stock that you’ll be trading. These will be marked in percentage points. With this software, though, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with all the various symbols that can be anywhere from two to five characters long.

STOCK CHARTING. This stock market trading software will first perform a detailed historical analysis of all your accounts. Then it evaluates all your accounts and looks for the best options for you to invest in. The charting software also gives you a warning when certain stocks are going up, while singling out others that may need to go to the archives.

STOCK MARKET TIMING. This software provides you with various technical indicators, and it is a wise decision to get this application. The Stock Market Timing program can give you real-time updates for your stocks. You get an alert every time your stock increases or drops in value.

STOCK ANALYSIS. It is very handy for a program to be capable of simulating a trading transaction, before you actually do it for real. This stock trading software stores and then replays historical data from the sectors that interest you. It will also issue reports when the stock starts decreasing in value, which will save you enormous amounts of time of waiting for updates on television or the internet on the stock exchange reports.

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