Short US Government
  • Short us government no load funds are low risk and short term, making them ideal for many investors
  • A government investment pool can be a great way to protect your investment capital from large devastating losses
  • Short us government no load funds are a local government investment that is backed by the government, making them very unlikely to default

Investing in a short us government no load fund can be a wise choice for a large number of investors. These mutual funds specialize in local government investment options that are held only a short time, normally anywhere from a number of days to a number of months. Because the maturity length of these securities are short term, these funds are actively managed to preserve the fund investment capital while maximizing the potential returns and minimizing any investment risks. The government investment pool is low risk, because the investments made by these funds are in securities which are backed by the United States Government. The odds of a default on these investments is almost nil, and is very unlikely to ever happen. Because of this the risk levels are low with these mutual funds, but this does not mean that there is no risk involved. Just like with any investment there are always some risks involved, so it is important that you compare these funds and make sure that they fit well with your investment goals and strategies before choosing the right fund for your investment capital. This will help you evaluate and compare the possible no load mutual funds and find ones which are a good fit with your investment options.

Short us government no load funds will have no load fees, either listed in the prospectus or hidden in the 12b-1 marketing fees. Load fees will deduct a percentage of your capital, either when you buy or sell, and some funds charge both types of load fees. Some funds may not list load fees as such, instead they will have them listed as a sales commission or other fee that is included in the 12b-1 marketing fee. Just because this marketing fee is present does not mean that it includes hidden load fees, there may be legitimate marketing expenses paid to market the fund to prospective new investors. The percentage of this marketing fee will be the tip off as to whether the mutual fund includes hidden load fees. Any fund that has a percentage for 12b-1 fees which exceeds one fourth of one percent of the net assets for the fund. If the marketing fees are more than this than the fund is actually a loaded fund which hides the load fees well.

A local government investment in short us government mutual funds can offer a very low risk and a decent return on your investment, and these funds are a great way for you to protect your investment capital while putting it to work for you. Mutual funds which invest in the government investment pool can offer an investment option which has low volatility and risk involved, and gives a nice return on your investment without risking all of your capital. If you invest in short us government funds the maturity is short term for all the securities these funds invest in. This offers better fluidity and liquidity as well, so that you do not have to stay invested for long periods of times and keep your investment capital tied up when it is needed elsewhere. These investments make good financial sense for almost any investor for a number of reasons. They are low risk, short term, and backed by the government, so the risk of default is very small. Choosing no load us short government funds will maximize your returns, because there are no load fees to deduct from your investment capital and cause the returns on your investment to be lower. These investments are a great choice for any investment capital that you do not want to place at risk or tie up for long periods of time.