Science and Technology Funds
  • Science and technology funds hold a majority of investments in companies in the science or technology sector
  • Choosing the right science and technology mutual fund means doing careful research and thorough fund comparisons
  • No load mutual funds do not have load fees or offer professional investment advice

Science and technology funds are mutual funds which invest mainly in science and technology companies. These can include no load mutual funds, and these funds have a very wide range of investment options. Investing in a science and technology fund can offer a number of advantages, but these funds may also have a number of disadvantages as well. All investments come with specific risks and potential returns and rewards, so comparing and evaluating no load mutual funds is critical for any investor. One of the science and technology funds considered the best by many investors is the Firsthand e-Commerce Fund. The fund symbol is TEFQX, and it is in the category for technology funds. This fund is offered by Firsthand Funds, and the year to date return is more than twenty six percent. A four star Morningstar rating shows that this is one of the funds that should be considered, and the fund has net assets worth almost twenty three and a half million dollars. The fund is managed by Kevin M. Landis, who was also one of the founders of this investment company in the year 1993. Two thousand dollars is all the investment capital needed to make an initial investment in this fund, and long term capital growth is the goal.

Another science and technology mutual fund that should be considered when comparing mutual funds is the Ivy Science & Technology Y Fund, which trades under the symbol WSTYX. A five star Morningstar rating shows that this fund is the highest quality, and one of the best no load mutual funds around concerning science and technology. Offered by Ivy Funds, the net assets of this mutual fund are worth more than two hundred and twenty million dollars. This fund has the goal of long term capital growth. A majority of the fund investments are in companies in the science and the technology sectors. Investments can include both domestic and foreign companies of all sizes. This fund was started in 1998, and is managed by Zachary H. Shafran. One science and technology fund that may be an ideal investment for some is the Seligman Communications & Information I Fund. This fund trades under the ticker symbol SCMIX, and is rated five stars by Morningstar. It is one of the best no load mutual funds for a number of reasons. Net assets are valued at almost seventeen million dollars, and the fund offers a year to date return of more than twenty two percent. Medium growth investments are what this science and technology fund specializes in, and it is offered by the Seligman fund family.

No load mutual funds means savings because these science and technology funds do not charge five to eight percent of the investment capital in load fees. Load funds do not perform better than no load funds, and many times the opposite is true, because it may take a load fund longer to reach the same value and return amount due to the load fees that are deducted. No load mutual funds do not offer expert investment advice, but this may be a positive aspect. Some brokers may receive commissions from both ends, with a load fee being paid by the investor and a commission being paid by the science and technology fund for bringing in new investment capital. At times this can lead to the broker giving investment advice which benefits the broker more than the investor. No load science and technology funds do not carry these risks, because the investor determines which funds are best without any help from a broker. This guarantees there are no conflicts between the interests of the broker and the investor.