Pennsylvania Municipal
  • Pennsylvania municipal debt no load funds are widely available to investors in this state
  • Municipal debt offers investors a number of possible tax exemptions
  • Municipal bond debt can really benefit higher income investors

Pennsylvania municipal bond debt can be a great investment opportunity for residents and institutions that live in the state. The interest income from these investments is usually double or even triple tax exempt, which means no income taxes are owed on any interest payments and returns. For individual investors who are considered higher income and institutions, these tax exemptions can be very beneficial. One of the best no load funds concerning Pennsylvania municipal debt is the Fidelity Pennsylvania Municipal Income, trading under the ticker symbol FPXTX. This municipal debt fund is offered by the known and trusted Fidelity family of funds, and the net assets value more than three hundred and fifty million dollars. A five star Morningstar rating also shows the quality of this fund. Started in 1986, the fund is currently managed by Mark Sommer and is a definite contender when it comes to the best no load funds that invest in Pennsylvania municipal debt. The initial investment amount may seem a little high at ten thousand dollars, but this fund has a proven history of success that makes it very desirable among investors. For investors looking at municipal bond debt for tax advantages, the Fidelity Pennsylvania Municipal Income Fund is one that needs to be included in the consideration.

One institutional Pennsylvania municipal debt fund that many investors consider one of the best no load municipal debt funds is the Allegiant PA Intermediate Municipal I, which has the ticker symbol APMIX. Offered by Allegiant, this fund has a little over thirty million dollars in net assets and received a four star rating for quality from Morningstar. This municipal debt fund was started in 1994, and is now managed by Cynthia Cole. The fund is not considered diversified, but it invests in high quality Pennsylvania municipal debt securities with a short to intermediate maturity time. There are no load fees or 12b-1 marketing fees charged by the fund, making it one of the true no load municipal debt funds available. Another Pennsylvania municipal debt fund that has a high initial investment is the Vanguard PA Long-Term Tax-Exempt Adm Fund, with a ticker symbol of VPALX. This fund requires one hundred thousand dollars as the minimum investment amount, but the Vanguard name and the five star Morningstar rating show that this fund is perfect for larger investors. The net assets for the fund are almost two billion dollars, making it one of the best no load funds just in size alone. This fund invests in high quality municipal debt which is not overly sensitive to interest rates, and does not involve any load or marketing fees.

Pennsylvania municipal debt no load funds can include local municipal funds, such as those issued by cities and townships within the state of Pennsylvania. When local municipal debt is invested in, the tax exemptions seen can be tripled. These investments normally do not carry federal, state, or local income taxes. Using no load municipal debt funds means making investment decisions and doing the research and evaluations, instead of having a broker or financial advisor do it. Load fees are normally a percentage, either on the entire investment amount in what is known as a front load, or on the amount withdrawn including any returns in a back end load. No load funds do not charge any type of load fee, and finding the best no load funds is not complicated or difficult anymore with the Internet and all of the online investment resources available to any investor. Pennsylvania municipal debt funds are intended for investors from this state, due to the unique tax exemption offered by these funds.