Pacific Region
  • Pacific region no load funds have a majority of investments in the pacific region, or in one specific country located in the area
  • The best no load funds will have high quality ratings and will not involve large risks
  • No load mutual funds cost less because load fees are not charged

Many investors may want to find pacific region no load mutual funds that are are ideal for their investment portfolio, but what are these funds and what types of investments do they hold? Pacific region funds are those that make investments into equity securities that are located in the Western Pacific Basin region, also known as the pacific region to many investors. These funds may invest in one country or a number of them in this region, so it is important to do all of the thorough research needed, to understand exactly what each pacific region fund is offering and what investments the fund makes. These will be different for each mutual fund, and finding the best no load funds means making fund comparisons, and evaluating each fund to find ones that are perfect for the investment strategies and risks being used. Pacific region no load funds can include investments in a wide range of companies and countries in the pacific region, and each fund will have varying degrees of risks and expenses involved.

Pacific region no load funds have some advantages over no load funds, because the investment expenses are kept low. No load funds do not involve expensive load fees, which can be around five percent or more of the investment capital, the returns, or both. This keeps the costs of investing down significantly. Some investors consider that no load funds do not offer investment advice, and this may scare some investors off. With load funds the load fee includes professional investment advice from the broker concerning which pacific region funds are supposed to fit best, but this is not always the case. Some load funds offer a commission to the broker for bringing in new investments, and this is in addition to the load fee collected by the broker from the investor. This can lead to unethical brokers who direct investments to those pacific region funds which pay the highest fund commissions, instead of the funds which are best for the individual investor. No load mutual funds do not carry these risks, because the investor does all the research and chooses the best no load funds for their specific investment needs and goals.

The best no load funds will vary from one investor to the next, but there are a number of pacific region no load funds that are considered good choices by a majority of investors. These can include the ICON Asia-Pacific Region Z Fund, with a trading symbol of ICPZX. Large value investments are the goal of this pacific region fund, and the year to date return for this fund is a high twenty two percent. The Dreyfus Emerging Asia I Fund is another one of the best no load funds when it comes to pacific region funds. DEAIX is the trading symbol for this fund, and the year to date return is an amazing eighty three and a half percent. Caution should be used when evaluating this fund because the return is too high to be sustainable over long periods normally, but for some investors this fund may be just what is required. Only a one thousand dollar minimum investment is needed for this no load fund. Matthews China Fund, symbol MCHFX, is another of the best no load funds for the pacific region. This fund is one of the best of the best, with a five star Morningstar rating and almost one and a half billion dollars in net assets. No matter which pacific region no load funds are chosen, the key to making the right choice is doing the required research and comparisons. No load mutual funds offer lower expenses and normally better performance, because there are no large load fee deductions.