Pacific Ex Japan
  • Pacific ex japan no load mutual funds are great for some investors, but are not ideal for everyone
  • The best no load funds have low operating expense ratios and do not charge marketing fees
  • No load mutual funds, including no load bond funds, can provide diversification with one investment

When it comes to Pacific ex Japan no load mutual funds, there are a number of them to choose from. The best no load funds will cover both individual and institutional investment funds, can include no load bond funds, and will include pacific ex japan funds that do not charge high fund expenses or marketing fees. One of the best no load funds is the Matthews China Fund, with a ticker symbol of MCHFX. It is offered by the Matthews Asia Funds fund family, and has more than one billion dollars worth of net assets. This fund has been given the highest Morningstar rating at five stars, and has been in operation for more than ten years so there is plenty of historical performance data to research and evaluate during any fund comparisons. The fund is managed by Richard H. Gao, and offers a low twenty five hundred dollar initial investment amount. Investments and fund holdings include a majority in stocks, both common and preferred, of companies that are located in the country of China.

The ProFunds UltraChina Inv Fund is another of the pacific ex japan no load mutual funds that may be ideal for some investors. The ticker symbol for the fund is UGPIX, and it is offered by ProFunds. Net assets are close to twenty five million dollars, and the yield for this fund is point three nine percent. Fifteen thousand dollars is the initial minimum investment amount, and the fund aims for large value investments. Fund goals include investments which give daily investment results, and the manager is Rachel Ames. One point nine five percent is the total fund operating expense ratio. Another fund considered one of the best pacific ex japan no load funds is the Dreyfus Emerging Asia I Fund, with the symbol DEAIX. Dreyfus offers this fund, and it is managed by Abhijit Sarkar. A minimum investment of one thousand dollars is required, and the total expense ratio for this fund is one point seven five percent.

Another pacific ex japan no load mutual fund is the AIM China I Fund, with a symbol of IACFX. This fund is one of the institutional no load mutual funds, and this means that it has high investment requirements and normally will charge lower fund expenses. Offered by Invesco Aim, Morningstar has given this fund the five star rating, making it one of the best. Samantha Ho is the fund manager, and the fund was started in 2006. One million dollars is required to invest initially in this pacific ex japan mutual fund, and long term capital growth is the goal. The operating expense ratio of the fund is one point two six percent. Another pacific ex japan mutual fund that may be perfect for institutional investors is the Old Mutual Clay Finlay China Inst Fund. This fund trades under the symbol OMINX, and offers a yield of two point five nine percent. Old Mutual Clay Finlay China Inst Fund has five stars from Morningstar, and close to seven and a half million dollars in net assets. Managed by Francoise Vappereau, this pacific ex japan mutual fund requires at least one million dollars from investors. The fund family is Old Mutual Advisor, and the operating expense ratio is one point four seven percent. There are many pacific ex japan no load mutual funds and no load bond funds to choose from, but just like with any no load funds care must be taken. Make sure to do all of the necessary research and evaluations to choose funds which fit with the acceptable risks, strategies, and investment goals.