Intermediate Municipal
  • New York intermediate municipal debt no load funds allow New York investors to see tax exemptions and benefits
  • Intermediate municipal fund holds municipal debt securities with a maturity date that can range from three to ten years
  • The best no load bond funds may be municipal debt funds in your home state

New York investors, especially those in higher income brackets, can really benefit from investing in New York intermediate municipal debt no load funds. An intermediate municipal fund is a mutual fund which uses most or all of the combined investment pool for the fund to invest in New York intermediate municipal debt. This is municipal debt that has a maturity time of between three and ten years. One of the best no load funds in this category according to many investors is the BNY Mellon NY Intermediate T/E Bd Inv Fund, which uses the ticker symbol MNYIX. This is one of the intermediate municipal debt funds that mainly invests in New York intermediate municipal securities. It has a four star rating from Morningstar, and the fund goal is to provide double or triple tax exemptions for New York resident investors. The fund is offered by the BNY Mellon fund family and has over sixteen million in fund net assets. This specific intermediate municipal fund was founded in 1992, and fund investments include only high quality intermediate municipal debt in New York. The initial investment requirement may seem a little steep at ten thousand dollars, but this is considered one of the best no load funds out there.

If you are looking for a New York intermediate municipal fund to invest in, one that should be considered is the General NY Municipal Bond Fund, with a trading symbol of GNYMX. This fund is offered by the Dreyfus family of funds, and has a low twenty five hundred dollar minimum investment requirement, making it ideal for almost all investors in the New York area. Municipal debt funds like this one can give tax exemptions on many levels, and this is one of the best no load funds to use to get these tax advantages. The fund is a smaller fund, with net assets valued at a little more than seventy million dollars, but it has a Morningstar rating of five stars, which is the highest possible. The fund only invests in high quality intermediate municipal debt, and is considered to be one of the top ten municipal debt funds for New York residents. Joseph P. Darcy has been the lead manager for this fund since last year, and this is truly a no load fund, with no load fees or 12b-1 marketing fees involved.

New York intermediate municipal fund investment is not limited just to individual investors, institutional investors can also take advantage of the unique tax benefits that municipal debt funds offer. New York institutional municipal debt funds offer much lower operating expenses, but these funds also involve very high initial minimum investment requirements which most individual investors can not afford. One of these intermediate municipal funds geared towards institutional investments is the JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bd Instl, which has a ticker symbol of JNYIX. This fund requires a three million dollar initial investment, which is far higher than most individual investment municipal debt funds. JPMorgan NY Tax Free Bd Instl has net assets valued at close to seventy million dollars and has a five star Morningstar rating, which makes it one of the best no load funds possible concerning New York institutional intermediate municipal fund choices. This fund was started in 2001, and is currently managed by David Sivinski. The fund goal is to help New York institutions benefit from double or triple tax exemptions with municipal debt investments. When choosing no load funds, whether you are investing your own capital or doing so on behalf of an institution, New York intermediate municipal debt funds should be researched and checked very thoroughly before choosing the right funds to invest in.