New Jersey Tax Exempt
  • New Jersey tax exempt money market no load funds offer double or even triple tax exemptions for investors who live in the state
  • No load money market funds are very safe and liquid, perfect for short term investing with capital that must be preserved
  • The best no load funds are those that are offered by trusted fund families and have tax benefits to the investor

What are New Jersey tax exempt money market no load funds, and why are they a great investment for investors who reside in the state of New Jersey? These mutual funds may sound like a mouthful, but they are really quite simple to understand with a little effort. These funds are no load money market funds that invest in municipal debt issued in the state of New Jersey. Municipal debt offers exemptions from some income taxes, including federal taxes. For investors who reside in New Jersey, investing in municipal debt from their home state makes great financial sense. These investments can offer state and local tax exemptions as well in many situations. Investing in state municipal debt as a resident offers exemption from New Jersey state taxes, and investing in municipal debt from your local government can offer exemptions for local taxes as well. It may be necessary for you to fill out New Jersey tax exempt forms for any investment income made from New Jersey tax exempt money market no load funds, depending on your specific situation and investments. The best no load funds are funds which offer investment strategies and goals that meet yours, without charging load fees or high marketing fees which can contain hidden load amounts.

New Jersey tax exempt no load money market funds invest in municipal debt from New Jersey, but these money market funds are different from many other mutual fund types. No load money market funds offer a very high level of stability, capital safety, and liquidity. These funds are intended mainly to preserve investment capital, while paying returns that are normally higher than bank accounts and other saving methods pay. No load money market funds are very liquid, so that when you need to take out your investment capital it can be done in a very short time with no delays. There is no need to find a seller and wait for days or weeks to access your money. No load money market funds have a dollar weighted average, and this means that the share price normally stays at exactly one dollar. Although very rare, it can happen that the share price falls below a dollar, also known as breaking the buck. These funds also usually hold municipal debt securities which mature in a short time, normally ninety days or less for money market funds. New Jersey tax exempt municipal debt is also considered a very safe and stable investment, because the chances of a default are extremely low and unheard of.

No load money market funds which offer New Jersey tax exempt benefits should be considered some of the best no load funds available if you live in New Jersey. No load funds do not offer investment advice though, which you will get at no additional cost with load funds. There is really no way to tell if the load fund broker who is giving you the investment advice will be honest and choose the mutual funds which really are best for you. Some brokers receive commissions from the mutual funds as well, so you may get advice that benefits your broker financially at the expense of your investment capital and returns. New Jersey tax exempt no load money market funds allow you to do all of the research and fund comparisons, as well as make all of the investment decisions. After all, who has more of an incentive to make sure that the investments chosen are the right ones, the broker who gets paid either way or the investor who stands a chance of devastating losses and who worked hard to save the investment capital in the first place?