Mixed Target Allocation Conservative
  • Mixed target allocation conservative no load mutual funds can be a great investment for many but they are not right for everyone
  • No load bond funds normally offer current income, while other fund types offer growth instead
  • The best no load funds will be different for each individual investor

Mixed target allocation conservative no load mutual funds and no load bond funds can be a good investment for a number of people, but while they are ideal for many they are not right for others. The key to finding the right investments for the circumstances, and investment strategies and goals, means either doing all the legwork and research or trusting that a broker or financial advisor will be honest and ethical. Sometimes load funds can have a double whammy, because not only is a load fee of five percent or more charged, but too often the broker will steer clients towards mutual funds which offer a commission to the broker for bringing in new investors. This is dishonest but it is not illegal, and unfortunately there are some professionals who see nothing wrong with this practice. No load bond funds and mutual funds do not have this issue, because there is no professional investment advice given. Instead, each individual does the research and fund comparisons to determine which ones are right for them.

Mixed target allocation conservative funds involve a mix of bonds and stocks, and they are somewhat conservative with the fund investment pool. These are considered some of the best no load funds for investors who are not willing to take large risks. Bonds are held because they provide current income, while the stocks in the fund portfolio can allow for capital growth. Each specific mixed target allocation conservative will have specific risks and possible returns, and no two no load bond funds are the same. Some of these funds may take more risks than others, and the term conservative depends on which manager is making the investment choices for the fund. Generally these funds will avoid stocks or bonds that involve large degrees of risk, and are more cautious in their investment strategy.

All mutual funds, whether they are no load bond funds, mixed target allocation conservative funds, or other types, should include a diversified investment portfolio. This step helps to minimize the potential risks, because even when one area of the market is performing extremely poorly other sectors are normally on their way up. This can help even out the fund performance, and prevent high levels of volatility. This can help to ensure small gains no matter how bad some sectors are. For investors who do not want to risk capital losses, conservative funds may be the best choice. The best no load funds for this type, and all others, can be found online at no cost or a very small fee. There are many sites which offer free stock and bond tools, to help locate and choose the right funds for each individual situation.

There are a number of reasons that an investor might choose a mixed target allocation conservative fund, and all of them make sound financial sense. When no load bond funds and other mutual funds are used though, it is more important than ever that the investor does all of the work needed to find the best no load funds and compare them thoroughly. Not taking the time needed to do this can be a big mistake, one that could result in large investment losses. Compare the fund operating expenses, and any 12b-1 marketing fee as well as other fees. Look for hidden load charges, which can often be found in the marketing expenses for the fund but are really just commissions to brokers. Choosing the best no load funds for the specific situation does not have to be difficult or complex, finding them can be a simple online search away.