Mixed Asset Target 2050+
  • Mixed asset target 2050+ no load mutual funds are used by investors who plan to retire no earlier than the year 2050
  • No load mutual funds can really help bring down the cost of investing
  • The best no load funds will depend on the specific investor and the investment goals and strategies

Mixed asset target 2050+ no load mutual funds can be found in large numbers, and these are considered some of the best no load funds for investors who want to retire on or after the year 2050. Target date funds set a specific year when the money will be needed for the intended purpose, and then they hold a wide range of assets and investments to offer capital preservation and growth without taking large risks of losses. These no load mutual funds normally will have some equity and security holdings, as well as cash reserves and possibly other asset classes and types as well. Every mixed asset target 2050+ fund will have specific risks, returns, and strategies used, and some of these may not be a good fit with every investor. Using no load mutual funds, even the best no load funds, means doing all of the necessary legwork and research to locate the funds which make a good fit with the goals and acceptable risks set by the investor.

One mixed asset target 2050+ fund that should not be overlooked during possible fund evaluations is the Fidelity Freedom 2050 fund. The ticker symbol for trading with this investment is FFFHX, and it is offered by the Fidelity investments family. The net assets with this choice are a little more than one billion dollars, and the yield is a very decent two point zero two percent. The year to date return for Fidelity Freedom 2050 is seven point six seven percent, and it has a three star rating for good quality. Only a small twenty five hundred dollar minimum initial investment is needed, so most investors have access to this specific mutual fund for retirement or other purposes. High total return is the main goal of this fund, but it also tries for capital appreciation as well. This is considered one of the best no load funds in the mixed asset target 50+ class for a majority of investors.

One of the best no load mutual funds when it comes to institutional mixed asset target 50+ funds would be the Principal LifeTime 2050 Inst Fund, with a trading symbol of PPLIX. This fund has been investing since 2001, and the lead manager is still Dirk Laschanzky, who has been in charge since the fund was started. A three star Morningstar rating and the past performance of this fund make it one of the best no load funds around, and the value of the fund net assets are five hundred and twenty seven million dollars. The operating expense ratio is point nine three percent, and this fund has a lot to offer many investors. Remember though that even the best no load funds are not right for everyone, and caution should be used when comparing and evaluating possible choices. This will ensure the right no load mutual funds are chosen, and prevent large capital losses or unacceptable risks.

A very popular mixed asset target 2050+ fund is the Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Fund, with a ticker of VFIFX. Offered by the known and well trusted Vanguard fund family, this is one of the best no load funds around for target date no load mutual funds. This fund offers net assets worth seven hundred and nine million dollars, and it has a solid performance history as well. Morninstar has rated this fund with four out of five stars, and the yield offered is somewhat high at two point five eight percent. Duane F. Kelly has been the lead manager of this fund since it was started in July of 2006, and he is well qualified for this position.