Mixed Asset Target 2040
  • Mixed asset targe 2040 no load mutual funds are normally intended as retirement accounts, for investors planning to retire around this time
  • No load mutual funds can offer large savings because no load fees are charged
  • The best no load funds will be different for each investor

Mixed asset target 2040 no load mutual funds may sound confusing, but in fact these investments are really quite simple. These no load mutual funds are used for capital that will be needed in retirement, and they are intended for those who want to retire between the years 2040 and 2050. These are considered to be some of the best no load funds for this purpose, and they are very popular with a wide range of investors. There are some disadvantages to these funds as well though, and one of these is the fact that all target date funds use a single investment approach for all investors instead of customizing the investment strategy and portfolio for each specific investor. Choosing no load mutual funds does mean that the costs and expenses are significantly lower though, because load fees of five percent or more are not being deducted. Most investors do not need professional advice from a broker, and at times even paying a load fee is no guarantee of solid financial advice and honest fund choices based on investment needs and goals. Some brokers may receive a commission from the funds used, and this may distort the advice given in some situations.

One popular mixed asset target 2040 fund is the JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2040 I Fund, with a trading symbol of SMTIX. This is an institutional fund, meaning that the initial investment minimum is somewhat higher than other funds, and three million dollars is needed to invest in this one. It is considered one of the best no load funds, because it has a solid history of performance and a five star Morningstar rating which is the highest possible quality. Net assets for this choice are valued at one hundred and twenty seven million dollars, and the year to date return is a little more than seven and a half percent. Patrik Jakobson has been the lead manager for this mixed asset target 2040 fund since 2006, and it is no wonder this is considered one of the best no load funds out there. Another one of the no load mutual funds that should be looked at is the American Indep NestEgg 2040 I Fund, with a symbol of NEFYX. This is also an institutional fund, with a minimum investment amount needed of three million dollars. Morninstar has given this fund a four star rating, and it is a true no load fund with no hidden commissions or load fees. The net assets are slightly more than twenty three million dollars, the yield is one point nine six percent, and the year to date return is a little more than five percent. These are all reasons why this mutual fund is considered one of the best no load funds for institutional investors.

Another option when it comes to mixed asset target 2040 no load mutual funds is the Columbia Retirement 2040 R Fund, with the ticker BFHRX. This fund is offered by the Columbia family, and it has received a Morningstar rating of five stars. The yield is a little less than one percent, at point nine three percent, and the assets are very small, but this is still considered one of the best no load mutual funds to be found. There is a minimum initial investment amount which is somewhat steep at one million dollars, but for investors who can afford this requirement this fund is one that should be included in any comparison between the best no load funds. It is important to do all of the research and evaluations when using mixed asset target 2040 no load mutual funds, because there is no professional advice or direction given and the investor must find and choose the right funds for each investment.