Mixed Asset Target 2020
  • Mixed asset target 2020 no load mutual funds are investments intended to provide retirement income
  • The best no load funds are those that minimize risks and investment costs, while maximizing the returns possible
  • Mixed asset target 2020 no load mutual funds are intended for investors planning to retire between 2016 and 2020

Mixed asset target 2020 no load funds are no load mutual funds which are intended for retirement purposes, and these funds are intended for investors who are planning to retire between 2016 and 2020. These can be considered the best no load funds for many investors who are planning retirement in the specified years. Mixed asset target 2020 funds offer many benefits and advantages for investors, and these investments aim to preserve capital while allowing for returns and yields as high as possible without sacrificing capital security. There are many of these funds available, and they will have varying minimum account amounts and quality ratings. The best no load funds require some research, because these funds do not charge load fees bu there is no investment advice offered either. No load funds mean that as an investor extensive research and fund comparisons must be done to protect against devastating capital losses. Finding the best no load funds when it comes to mixed asset target 2020 funds takes some effort, but the savings and the results are worth it.

One mixed asset target 2020 fund that can be considered is the MassMutual Select Dest Retire 2020 Y Fund, with a ticker symbol of MRTYX. MassMutual offers this fund, and it was started in 2003. The fund offers assets of almost sixty five million dollars, and it is one of the no load mutual funds which does not charge a 12b-1 marketing fee. The fund rating by Morningstar is only two stars, so it is not considered one of the top contenders when it comes to the best no load funds, but it is ideal for a number of investors. Bruce Picard Jr. is the manager, and has been since 2006. AllianceBernstein 2020 Retirement Str I Fund, trading under the ticker LTHIX, is another mixed asset target 2020 fund that may be right for some investors. Net assets of almost twenty five million dollars means that this is one of the smaller no load mutual funds, and the year to date return is point seven one percent. This fund is considered an institutional fund, with a two million dollar minimum required to invest, so most individual investors will not use this fund. Instead it may be perfect for businesses and other institutions who want to invest in a mixed asset target 2020 fund. The fund goal is to see the best possible return on investments and see capital growth.

The Barclays Global Investors LP 2020 R Fund is another of the no load mutual funds that can be considered. The ticker symbol for this fund is LPRCX, and it has been around since 2001. Offered by Barclays, the net assets of the fund are close to one hundred and eighty million dollars, and the yield is three point one six percent. Lead fund manager Dagmar Nikles has been in the position since 2005, and is highly qualified. Another mixed asset target 2020 fund that many investors choose is the Fidelity Freedom 2020 Fund. Offered by the well known and trusted Fidelity family of funds, the ticker symbol for the fund is FFFDX. This is one of the bigger no load funds, with net assets that are worth more than fifteen billion dollars, and it offers a year to date return of more than one and a half percent. The yield of the fund is close to three percent, and it has been in the investment business since the year 1996. The minimum amount needed is twenty five hundred dollars, making this fund accessible to almost all investors, and it is considered one of the best no load funds by many investors.