Mixed Asset Target 2010
  • Mixed asset target 2010 no load funds are great retirement investments for those who plan on retiring close to this date
  • No load bond funds can play a part in retirement planning
  • The best no load funds are those which offer low risks and high returns, and with retirement funds capital preservation is the most important factor

Mixed asset target 2010 no load funds may be considered some of the best no load funds when it comes to individuals who plan on retiring around the year 2010. These are usually considered retirement funds, and can include no load bond funds and others. There are many fund families which offer mixed asset target 2010 mutual funds, and there is a wide variety of these funds to choose from. Each of these funds will carry specific risks and offer certain advantages, but most funds of this type are conservative in the investments made, because retirement income is involved. High risks should not be used for retirement investments because of the chances for devastating losses with capital needed in retirement. One of the best no load funds when it comes to mixed asset target 2010 funds is the American Indep NestEgg 2010 I Fund, and it uses the ticker symbol NECSX for trading. American Independence offers the fund, and Morningstar gives it a high four star rating. Net assets for this specific fund are around sixteen million dollars, and the yield is three point five one percent. The American Indep NestEgg 2010 I Fund requires a steep three million dollar initial investment amount, making it better for institutional investors. T. Kirkham Barneby was recently made fund manager, in March of 2009, and the fund charges a low total expense ratio of only point four five percent.

One mixed asset target 2010 fund that a majority of experts believe is one of the best no load funds in this department is the Barclays Global Investors LP 2010 I Fund. This fund is also considered an institutional fund because of the minimum investment of one million dollars required, and it has the ticker symbol STLBX. The rating for this fund is three star from Morningstar, and it is popular when it comes to no load bond funds. The fund has net assets worth close to a quarter of a billion dollars, and is offered by Barclay’s. The yield for this fund is more than three percent, and it was started in 1994. Fund manager Dagmar Nikles has held the position since 2005, and there are no load fees or marketing expenses to bring down the value and return of the investment.

Fidelity Freedom 2010 is another mixed asset target 2010 fund, and it trades with the ticker FFFCX. This is considered one of the best no load funds for retirement investment accounts intended for retirement at this date. This fund has nine point seven billion dollars in net assets, making it quite large as mutual funds go. The Fidelity family of funds offers this fund, and it has a yield of three point six five percent. The Fidelity Freedom 2010 fund was started in 1996, and the fund has two main goals. The primary objective of the fund is a high total return, and the secondary objective is capital appreciation. The strategy used for this fund involves asset allocation strategies to maximize returns while minimizing risks involved. This fund is managed by Jonathan Shelon. One mixed asset target 2010 fund that should not be overlooked, and should be considered, is the Hartford Target Retirement 2010 Y Fund with the symbol HTTYX. It is offered by Hartford Mutual Funds, and the total expense ratio is very low at point one six percent. The investment needed is one million dollars though, and that puts this fund out of reach for most individual investors, but the fund is perfect for many institutional investors. Morningstar gives it a two star rating, so careful evaluation and comparisons may be needed to ensure this fund is right, and the best one possible.