Missouri Municipal
  • Missouri municipal debt investments can be tax exempt from income taxes on more than one level
  • The best no load funds are those which have holdings in municipal debt in the state the investor resides in, for the maximum tax benefits
  • Municipal bond debt is considered relatively safe from default, but there are still risks involved

Municipal debt has become very popular with investors for a number f different reasons, an this is also true of Missouri municipal debt. Municipal bond debt issued in Missouri offers tax advantages for residents in this state, because most municipal debt funds offer tax exemptions on a federal level, and also on a state and local level if you invest where you live. This can be especially appealing to investors who are in higher tax brackets. Municipal debt funds can vary in both their quality ratings and their holdings. Some of these funds may invest in only the highest quality municipal debt, offering small returns in exchange for relatively safe capital preservation. Other funds may invest in all qualities and ratings when it comes to municipal bonds. The best no load funds for your specific circumstances will depend on your specific risk comfort level, your investment strategies, and your goals and investment aims. Choosing no load funds will allow you to avoid paying high load fees, which can bring down the value of your investments. These fees are basically just like sales commissions, and they are paid to the broker or advisor who directs you to the load fund. Most investors do not need professional investment advice, if you are willing to do the necessary research and learn what you do not know concerning municipal debt funds and other investment options.

Some investors consider the Eaton Vance Missouri Municipals Fund, with the ticker symbol ECMOX, one of the best no load funds concerning Missouri municipal debt. This fund offers five point two million dollars in net assets, and has been in operation since 2006 with Cynthia J. Clemson as the fund manager. The total expense ratio for this municipal debt fund may be somewhat high for some investors, at one point five two percent, but the performance of this fund has historically been great. Another individual investment fund that may be considered one of the best no load funds for residents of Missouri is the Nuveen Missouri Municipal Bond Fund. This fund holds the ticker symbol FMMRX, and has become one of the popular municipal debt funds for many reasons. The fund is managed by Scott R. Romans, and has been successfully investing since 1997. There are assets in this fund totaling over six million dollars, and the performance and yields of this fund in the past make it well worth considering.

For institutional investors who want to invest in Missouri municipal debt, the Commerce MO Tax-Free Int Bd Instl fund, with a ticker symbol of CFMOX, may be the right municipal bond debt fund for the job. This fund is aimed at both private and institutional investors, and has a minimum investment amount of a low one thousand dollars. The fund holds assets worth more than two hundred million dollars, and has been available since 1995. It invests at least eighty percent of the fund investment pool in Missouri municipal debt that offers double and at times triple tax exemptions for residents of this state, and the municipal debt invested in has the highest quality ratings and the lowest possible risks. Whether you are an individual investor or an institutional investor, putting your investment capital into Missouri municipal debt can be a great way to increase this investment capital, because of these tax exemptions and other benefits. Even municipal debt investments involve risks though, so it is important to do all of the research needed to make sure you choose the mutual funds that are a good fit. No load funds means making your own investment decisions, without any professional help, so it is important that you compare funds and their associated risks thoroughly.