Michigan Tax Exempt
  • Michigan tax exempt no load funds offer Michigan residents and companies tax exemptions and benefits
  • The best no load funds avoid 12b-1 marketing fees and load fees completely
  • Government tax exempt investments have a number of benefits that other investment types do not offer

Investors in the state of Michigan may see the most benefits if they invest in Michigan tax exempt money market no load funds. These funds have numerous benefits for residents of this state, because Michigan municipal debt investments for these individuals are exempt from federal and state taxes, and can be exempt from local taxes as well. A Michigan tax exemption certificate certifies companies, entities, and institutions which are tax exempt, such as government tax exempt municipalities. The best no load funds for investors are normally those that invest in municipal debt from the home state and possibly city of the investor. Finding Michigan tax exempt money market no load funds does not have to be complex or take days. Online fund screener software and investing programs can help you locate Michigan tax exempt funds that can be compared. Using no load funds means that you will have to do all of the leg work and research on your own, without any help from a load fund broker, but this is often an advantage instead of a disadvantage. Only you, as the investor, can determine which money market and government tax exempt funds to choose from. A broker may give advice in exchange for high load fees, but there is no assurance or guarantee that the advice you get is the best possible advice for your specific circumstances and investment goals.

Michigan tax exempt money market funds are mutual funds that have most of their investments in municipal debt obligations of the highest quality. Money market funds aim for a constant share price of one dollar, and these funds are terrific for investment capital that is not needed immediately but will be needed soon. Investing in a money market fund is considered smart, because these funds offer high stability and liquidity. When you get ready to withdraw your capital it is available very quickly, unlike some investment methods that may take days or weeks before you finally get your investment capital back. A Michigan tax exempt fund does not have to be a money market fund, an investment in municipal debt can be done in many ways, but Michigan tax exempt money market funds are considered by experts and professionals to be among the best no load funds possible for investors who reside in Michigan. Some investors may worry about no load funds, because of the lack of professional broker financial advice, but most investors are very capable of making investment decisions which are right for them. Any terms or phrases you do not understand can be looked up in a glossary at a number of investment websites, and there are many free investment tools available to help you find and compare Michigan tax exempt no load money market funds.

The best no load funds, whether you are looking at Michigan tax exempt money market no load funds or other investment types, are no load funds which do not carry hidden load fees or large marketing fees. Some load funds may appear to be no load funds, because there are no front or back end load fees involved, but these funds can have high 12b-1 marketing fees. These high fees can include hidden load fees, which are paid as commissions to brokers to bring in new investors. Look at the 12b-1 marketing fee, and determine what percentage this fee is in relation to the total net assets of the fund. If the 12b-1 marketing fee is more than one quarter of one percent of the total net asset value, this fund should be considered a load fund. True no load funds can not have a 12b-1 marketing fee expense percentage that is more than one fourth of one percent of the fund’s net asset value. These high fees are considered hidden load fees and should be avoided when locating and comparing the best no load funds, including Michigan tax exempt money market no load funds.