large capitalization growth
  • A large capitalization growth fund investment can be the right choice for a number of investors.
  • No load index funds and no load bond funds have many benefits and can be found easily online with a little work.
  • No load large capitalization growth funds do not have load fees, but there is no advice given either.

Large capitalization growth no load bond funds and no load index funds can be ideal choices for many investors. These mutual funds can offer a number of benefits, but they can also include some disadvantages as well. Using no load funds means making all the investment decisions, and locating and comparing possible fund choices. Load fees are like sales commissions, and they are paid to a broker or financial advisor in exchange for professional investment advice concerning where to put capital. The problem with these fees is that they can drive up the cost of investing considerably, sometimes costing five percent or more of the amount invested. In addition, at times there may be a conflict because the broker will receive fees from the investor and from the fund as well, leading to a possible conflict. Large capitalization growth funds can be found and evaluated by investors without any professional help.

AllianceBern Large Cap Growth I Fund is a large capitalization growth institutional choice, one that may be too expensive for most individual investors. Two million dollars is the minimum investment amount needed for this fund, and it trades under the symbol ALLIX. AllianceBernstein is the fund family which offers no load bond funds and no load index funds, which are geared towards large capitalization growth investments. This large capitalization fund offers a five star Morningstar rating, and a nine point one one percent year to date return, marking it as one of the best around for institutional investors. Started in March of 2005, this is one choice that should never be overlooked if the minimum investment requirement can be met, because of all the advantages offered. There are net assets valued at close to thirty four million dollars, making it one of the smaller choices, but this does not mean this fund choice is a bad one.

Another of the best large capitalization growth no load bond funds and no load index funds is the Allianz RCM Strategic Growth Admin Fund, which trades with the ticker ANRAX. Allianz Funds offers this specific investment choice, and it has also received five stars because of high quality. The year to date return is extremely high, at seventeen point one one percent, and this may give some investors a pause because it is high. This large capitalization growth fund has a lot to offer investors who have large amounts of capital, but the five million dollar initial investment amount required makes it hard for most individual investors to access this fund. There is a 12b-1 marketing fee of one fourth of one percent, which still qualifies this investment as a true no load, and the operating expenses are one point six three percent.

Ashton/Montag & Caldwell Growth N fund is another large capitalization growth fund that should be included in any investment comparisons. This fund trades with the symbol MCGFX, and it is another that has received five stars from Morningstar marking it as high quality. This is one of the larger no load index funds and no load bond funds, with net assets valued at more than two billion dollars, and the fund operating expenses are a low one point zero eight percent. The yield is point two nine percent, and the fund has a turnover rate of fifty two percent. A large capitalization growth fund investment can be ideal for many investors, and there are many no load choices out there for these no load index funds and no load bond funds. Thorough research and evaluation will help any investor find the right choices without having to pay high load fees.