Capitalization Core
  • Large capitalization core no load mutual funds are a good choice for some people but a bad option for others
  • The best no load funds will vary, depending on the investor and the situation
  • No load mutual funds offer many benefits, including lower costs and better fund choices with no possible conflicts

Large capitalization core no load mutual funds are considered by some investors to be the best no load funds possible, but other investors do not want these options because of the individual investment strategies, goals, and acceptable risks these funds may pose. Just like all other investment choices and options, large capitalization core funds are not right for everyone. Capitalization core funds may also be called blend funds, and they look at investments as being in either the retail or service core. These no load mutual funds are offered by many different fund families, and locating them can be a simple online search away. Complete research and evaluation is needed for each option, even when the best no load funds are being considered. Every option will have distinct risks and possible rewards, and should be thoroughly looked at and compared. No load mutual funds are much less expensive when investment costs are considered, because load fees may be four to five percent or more, and this amount gets outrageous and costly very quickly.

One of the best no load funds when it comes to capitalization core investments is the BlackRock Core Princ Prot I Fund, which carries the ticker MAPWX. With one point three million dollars in net assets and a four star quality rating given by Morningstar, this is one of the best no load funds that can be found. BlackRock offers this fund, and it has a small one hundred dollar minimum investment amount, so that it can be accessed by all investors. The total fund expense ratio is one point five six percent for this choice, and it is a true no load fund because there is no 12b-1 marketing fee involved at all. With some no load funds, a legitimate 12b-1 marketing can be charged as long as this amount is not more than one fourth of one percent of the value of the fund net assets, but the best no load funds do not normally charge any fee for marketing.

Another capitalization core fund which should be considered is the Delaware Aggressive Allocation I Fund, trading under the symbol DFGIX. This is one of the no load mutual funds offered by Delaware Investments, and it received five stars from Morningstar. This specific capitalization core fund has been investing since the year 1997, so there is a proven history of quality and performance for this choice. There are only ten and a half million in net assets for this fund, so many investors may be wary, but the track record speaks for itself in showing this is one of the best no load funds out there. The year to date return is somewhat high, at eight point four three percent, which makes this a favorite for some. There is no minimum amount required to invest in the Delaware Aggressive Allocation I Fund, so anyone can utilize this no load choice.

Destination Select Equity Fund is another five star capitalization core fund that is considered one of the best no load funds possible for a large number of investors. This fund uses the symbol DSEQX, and it offers a yield of one point two two percent. This fund was started in 2005, and it is currently managed by Michael A. Yoshikami. The total expense ratio is one point two six percent, and the minimum investment amount needed is two thousand dollars. There are many capitalization core no load mutual funds out there, and it is not difficult for any investor to find the est no load funds possible for their specific investment circumstances, goals, and strategies. Thorough research and fund comparisons can help do this.