Japanese Funds
  • Japanese funds can include Japanese index funds and Japanese mutual funds
  • The best no load funds can include many Japanese funds
  • True no load Japanese mutual funds will usually not have any 12b-1 marketing fees charged either

Japanese no load mutual funds are funds which invest mainly in equity securities issued by Japanese owned companies. Japanese mutual funds have both benefits and drawbacks, and even the best no load funds in this area will not be ideal for every single investor. These funds can include Japanese index funds, and for some investors these investments may be the best possible choices. There are plenty of these funds to choose from, and choosing no load funds instead of loaded funds means paying fewer investment expenses and experiencing better fund performance and higher values. Load fees are not necessary, and they are simply sales commissions which reduce the value of the investment and hinder the performance. Most investors do not require professional investment advice, and they can find the best no load funds on their own when it comes to Japanese mutual funds. Since there are a number of free online investment tools that are easy to use and can help direct investors to the best no load mutual funds, there is no need to pay between five and eight percent of the investment capital in load fees. Japanese funds which are no load funds also prevent any conflicts between the best interests of the investor and the financial interests of the broker.

One of the Japanese funds that many investors consider before choosing a no load mutual fund is the ProFunds UltraJapan Inv Fund, with a ticker symbol of UJPIX. This fund is offered by the ProFunds family, and it has net assets with a value of more than seventeen million dollars. This is one of the Japanese mutual funds which were started in the year 2000, and it offers a yield of one point three three percent. There is a low Morningstar quality rating of only one star, and the minimum initial investment may seem high to some at fifteen thousand dollars. One of the best no load funds where Japanese funds are concerned according to many investors is the Fidelity Advisor Japan I Fund. This fund is offered by the Fidelity family of funds, a name known and trusted by many investors, and this fund has the symbol FAJIX. This Japanese mutual fund has a three star Morningstar rating, and a year to date return that is close to eight and a half percent. Large value investments are the specialty of this fund, and it has been investing successfully for more than ten years. Robert Rowland has managed this specific fund since 2007, and a small twenty five hundred dollar initial investment is all that is needed to take advantage of the benefits that this Japanese fund offers.

One of the Japanese funds considered one of the best no load funds is the DFA Japanese Small Company I Fund, with the trading ticker DFJSX. This is one of the Japanese mutual funds which specialize in small company investments and holdings, and it is offered by the fund family Dimensional Fund Advisors. This fund receives the highest possible Morningstar rating at five stars, marking it as one of the best of the best. The fund has more than one hundred million dollars in net assets, and the total operating expenses for the fund are quite low at only point five eight percent. There are no 12b-1 marketing fees or load fees charged, making this one of the Japanese funds which are truly no load mutual funds and not just loaded funds which practice deceptive advertising. There are many Japanese mutual funds which will fit well in many investment portfolios, but choosing the best no load funds means that the investor must use care and caution to do thorough research and comparisons before choosing the right fund.