International Large Capitalization Growth
  • International large capitalization growth no load mutual funds invest in companies located outside the USA.
  • The best no load funds will offer the lowest risks and costs for the investor, together with the highest possible returns.
  • No load mutual funds can save a substantial amount in investment costs, because there are no load fees charged.

International large capitalization growth no load mutual funds can be a good choice for some investors, but these fund choices may be wrong for others. Even the best no load funds must be thoroughly researched and evaluated to determine if they are right for the specific investor, and this will depend on a number of different factors involved. The acceptable level of risk, the goals, and the strategies used by each fund will help the investor decide whether it is the best one possible for their situation and circumstances. There are many good international large capitalization growth no load mutual funds out there, and finding them does not have to be difficult or take extended time periods. Many websites offer investment advice and tools to help ind and evaluate the best no load funds on the market. Data available for each fund can include the yield and year to date return, the net assets of the fund, past performance information, the holdings in the fund portfolio, acceptable risks, and much more. Almost every investor has the ability to use the Internet and locate these possible funds, and to do the thorough and necessary research and fund comparisons to narrow the choices down to one.

No load mutual funds do not give professional investment advice, but that is okay because most investors do just fine without it. An international large capitalization growth fund which charges a load fee is taking this cost from the investment capital. Many investors believe that load funds perform better than even the best no load funds, but this is not true. With no load mutual funds all of the investment capital is put to work for the investor, unlike a load fund that starts out substantially smaller after the load fees are deducted. Because of this no load mutual funds normally perform better, and save a lot on investment costs at the same time. International large capitalization growth funds have investments that are outside the United States, in foreign countries, so doing all of the work necessary to thoroughly evaluate each fund choice is crucial. The risks taken and the market volatility will differ for each fund, depending on the country where the holding is located. This makes a thorough and complete fund evaluation even more important, to prevent big capital losses for the investor.

One of the international large capitalization growth no load mutual funds which are perfect for institutional investors is the Nicholas-Applegate Intl Grth I Fund, which uses the ticker NIACX for trading on the market. It is offered by the Nicholas-Applegate fund family, and at five stars it has the highest possible quality rating. What stops many investors with this fund is the very large minimum investment requirement at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This fund has more than twenty one million in net assets, and a yield of point seven eight percent. The year to date return is only two point zero five percent, bu the total expense ratio is also small at only point nine one percent as well. The goal of this specific international large capitalization growth fund is capital appreciation over the long term. Pedro V. Marcal has been the lead manager for this fund since 2007. This is one of the real no load mutual funds because there is no 12b-1 marketing fee charged at all. This prevents any hidden load fees from being added in. The best no load funds on the market normally do not involve these marketing fees, but a fund can be no load even with a fee involved, as long as the amount is not more than point two five percent of the fund net assets.