Industrials Fund
  • An industrials fund invests a majority of the fund assets in industrial and manufacturing companies
  • No load mutual funds do not charge load fees, which can be as high as eight percent, sometimes even more
  • The best no load funds do not include any 12b-1 marketing fees, which raise fund expenses and lower returns

What is an industrials fund? This is a fund that invests in industrial companies, such as manufacturing plants and corporations. A no load industrials fund can include no load index funds, no load bond funds, and other types of no load mutual funds. These funds have many benefits for some investors, but they also carry varying degrees of risks as well, and are not for all investors. The best no load funds when it comes to industrials funds are those that offer low fund operating expenses, a high quality rating, and no load or marketing fees. Look at the past performance of the fund, and choose ones which have solid track records and show a history of positive returns. No load funds means making investment decisions without using a broker and getting professional investment advice, but most investors are capable of doing this on their own without too much difficulty. Researching and evaluating all the possible no load mutual funds to find the right industrials fund is important. Look at each aspect and factor of the fund, and compare funds thoroughly to weed out any that do not fit acceptable risk levels or investment goals. Look at the Morningstar rating, because the more stars a fund receives from this rating company the higher the quality the fund is.

One of the best no load funds concerning an industrials fund is the Fidelity Select Industrial Equipment Fund, with the ticker symbol FSCGX. This fund is offered by Fidelity, and the net assets are over eighty million dollars. Fidelity offers this fund under the miscellaneous sector, because there is no specific category for industrials funds in this fund family. Jonathan Kasenis is the lead fund manager, and this fund has a goal of capital application. At least eighty percent of the fund investments are made in industrial company securities around the world. The initial minimum requirement for investment is small, at only twenty five hundred dollars, making this fund accessible to almost all investors. Large value investments make this fund ideal for some investors but a bad idea for others. Another one of the best no load funds when it comes to the industrials funds is the Fidelity Select Industrials Fund, with the ticker symbol FCYIX. This fund is also offered by Fidelity, and has net assets worth close to one hundred and fifty million dollars. The yield for this fund is a little over one percent, and the fund started operating in the year 1997. There are no load or marketing fees, and the low initial minimum investment for this industrials fund is only twenty five hundred dollars.

No load funds can include many types. Thee are no load index funds, no load bond funds, and other types of no load mutual funds. Each specific fund type carries risks and potential returns. Finding the right investments means evaluating each fund and doing complete research. Look at each factor, and determine whether the fund is right for your specific goals and strategies. Look at the risks the fund has, and determine whether these risks fit within your acceptable level. Choosing no load industrials funds means saving a substantial amount of money in load fees. These fees are simply commissions paid to a broker to provide investment advice, and most investors are capable of researching, evaluating, and comparing these funds to choose the right investments without needing professional investment advice. The best no load funds are those that do not charge load fees or marketing fees, and that have lower fund expenses as well. No load mutual funds perform just as well as load mutual funds, and many times they will perform better because no large fees are being deducted.