• Gold oriented no load funds offer many benefits, but there are some risks involved in these investments as well.
  • Gold oriented funds invest in gold securities, and may invest in other precious metals as well.
  • The best no load funds have low fund fees and expenses, and will minimize the risks of capital losses.

Gold oriented no load mutual funds are mutual funds which mainly invest in gold securities, although some of these funds may also invest in other precious metals as well. These funds use the investment pool to invest in stocks from companies which are involved in the mining, processing, and distribution of gold. They also may invest in stock from companies which provide support to the companies which are involved in gold, in the form of services and products which are needed. Gold oriented no load mutual funds offer many benefits to investors. These funds offer terrific protection against inflation, and can be ideal for portfolio diversification. In the past decade the price of gold has skyrocketed, which means that gold oriented funds may be a very lucrative investment, but investors should remember that the gold market can be very volatile at times, and there are risks involved. When it comes to gold, the best no load funds are those which only invest in this metal. Some funds may be called gold funds but may actually invest in many types of precious metals, not just gold. Carefully examining the fund prospectus can allow you to determine exactly which precious metals the fund invests in.

The Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Adv Fund, trading with the symbol FGADX, is one of the best gold oriented funds out there, one that is also included in no load mutual funds. This fund is offered by Franklin Templeton Investments, and has a high four star Morningstar rating. This gold oriented fund offers net assets worth over one hundred million dollars, and it has been investing since 1996. Steve Land is the fund manager, and the goal of this fund is capital appreciation in the gold sector. Investments for this fund are made in international companies, and a large percentage of the portfolio is in foreign investments that are not located in the US. The initial investment for this fund is somewhat high, at fifty thousand dollars, and like all gold oriented funds and other no load mutual funds, each specific fund will carry individual risks and rewards. There is no substitute for thorough research and fund comparisons, because this will help you find the best no load funds that meet your specific investment goals, acceptable risk levels, and investment strategies. No load mutual funds do not offer investment advice, so investing in these funds means doing all of the work yourself. This is not a problem for most investors, and if you do feel the need for expert advice it may be better to pay for this advice on an hourly basis instead of choosing load gold oriented funds.

The Fidelity Select Gold Fund, with the symbol FSAGX, is also considered one of the best no load funds that is gold oriented. Fidelity Investments offers this fund, and it has net assets of more than two billion dollars, making it one of the largest funds available. The Fidelity Select Gold Fund was started in 1985, and it has a four star Morningstar rating to prove the quality. Twenty five hundred dollars is the minimum amount required to invest in this gold oriented fund, and the fund is managed by S. Joseph Wickwire. No matter which gold oriented no load mutual funds you choose for your investment needs and capitals, the best no load funds will not have any marketing fees, and the expense ratio for the funds will be small. Load funds may charge as much as seven or eight percent in load fees, and this can really eat into your investments. Choosing no load funds will help you keep investment expenses down, while still giving you gold oriented funds that may be ideal for your investing needs.