Global Science and Technology
  • Global science and technology companies can be great investments for many investors for a number of reasons
  • Global science and technology funds that are also no load mutual funds will offer smaller fund fees and expenses
  • The best no load funds will be those that help keep risks and expenses down, while maximizing the possible returns

Global science and technology no load mutual funds may sound like a mouthful, but these funds can be a terrific investment for some investors. Understanding this type of mutual fund is not difficult, but finding the right ones to fit your investment strategies, goals, and acceptable levels of risk may take some effort and time. These funds invest in global science and technology companies, and they can be located anywhere in the world. These funds will also have varying risks and possible returns, and may hold investments in a very broad range of company types. Global science and technology funds are not for everyone, and there are disadvantages and risks involved, as well as advantages to these investments. The best no load funds will have a portfolio which is diverse across the spectrum of science and technology, and will not be heavy in any one area. This will minimize the risks of capital loss involved with the fund. Choosing no load funds will keep the investment costs down, and can protect you against unethical advice or a conflict between your interests and the brokers. Some brokers may receive a commission from the fund, as well as a load fee from the investor, and this can lead to bad investment advice.

One of the best no load mutual funds concerning global science and technology is the Waddell & Reed Adv Science & Tech Y Fund, with a trading symbol of USTFX. This fund has a five star Morningstar rating, the highest possible, which shows that it is a good investment for many investors. The net assets for the fund are more than fifty million dollars, and the majority of investments for this specific fund are in medium growth securities. Started in 1996, the Waddell & Reed Adv Science & Tech Y Fund offers high returns which are perfect for a large number of investors. Zachary H. Shafran is the lead manager of the fund, and has held this position since 2001. Offered by the Waddell & Reed family of funds, this fund has a current year to date return of over nine percent. At least eighty percent of the fund investments are in the science and technology sectors, and these companies can be anywhere around the globe.

Another fund considered to be one of the best no load funds is the Fidelity Advisor Technology I Fund, with a ticker symbol of FATIX. Fidelity Investments offers this fund, and the net assets are small at almost seventeen million dollars. Morningstar has rated this fund at three stars, and it is managed by Yun-Min Chai. A minimum initial investment of twenty five hundred dollars makes the fund great for even smaller investors. The goal of the fund is capital appreciation, and at least four fifths of the fund assets are invested in global science and technology. The holdings of this fund are emphasized in areas including biotechnology, healthcare, semiconductors, and computer communications. No load mutual funds can help lower investment costs, because load fees can be five percent or higher, and these amounts are deducted from the investment capital, the returns, and at times through the entire investment. This makes the research and evaluation of the fund extremely important, because the no load mutual funds will not provide any investment advice. The load fee is basically a sales commission paid to the broker who chooses the global science and technology funds to invest in. When you choose your own no load funds, there is no commission or load fee. Load funds do not perform better, and usually have a lower investment value because of the load fees that are deducted.