Multiple Capitalization
  • Global multiple capitalization core no load mutual funds combine both growth and value holdings
  • No load mutual funds will normally have lower operating expenses and associated fees
  • The best no load funds available can be found with a quick online search

Global multiple capitalization core no load mutual funds are also called blend funds, because these options include a combination of both value and growth strategies and companies when assembling and managing the fund portfolio. These capitalization multiple fund choices have holdings in both the USA and foreign companies, with investments in multiple capitalization levels. This means that the value of the companies in the portfolio can range across all amounts, offering an incredible amount of latitude and flexibility. This is one of the reasons that these are some of the best no load funds possible, according to a number of experts. The fact that no load mutual funds do not charge load fees is another. A load fee is like a commission, and this amount is paid to a broker or financial advisor in return for professional investment advice. There is no guarantee that the advice given will be the best though, and an unscrupulous and unethical advisor or broker may direct investors to a specific fund simply because the commission paid is higher. Because of this, no load is the best option. The investor must do all of the research, but they are guaranteed the best advice with the information that is available because the investor makes the decisions.

A multiple capitalization core fund will have holdings in the portfolio which cover more than one capitalization level. There will be a mix of at least two of the capitalization levels, and they can include small cap, medium cap, large cap, and others. The figures for the three year earnings growth, the price to earnings ratio, and the price to book ratio for the usual holdings with these fund types are considered average. A capitalization multiple fund can help prevent large devastating losses, because the fund portfolio has a higher diversity than funds which specialize in a single capitalization level instead. Multiple capitalization no load mutual funds spread the risks across more than one level, so that they are lower. These can be considered a very diverse investment, and are the core of the investment portfolio for many investors.

The best no load funds, concerning both capitalization multiple funds and other types, are the ones which do not have any marketing fees or high fund expenses. Low fund operating percentages means more money that stays in the investment, and less that is paid out each year in fees and costs. Marketing fees can also be a big concern. Even true no load mutual funds can charge a 12b-1 marketing fee, as long as this amount is not more than one fourth of one percent of the net assets of the fund. Many times this fee may contain a hidden load fee as well though, paid to a broker for marketing the fund to prospective investors. In this case the fund is no one of the best no load funds, and should be eliminated. It is better to choose multiple capitalization funds that do not charge any marketing fees at all.

No load capitalization multiple funds can be the ideal investment for some, but just like with all other no load mutual funds complete research and fund evaluations must be done carefully. Load fees can be quite expensive and really add up over the life of an investment, and most investors are more than capable of locating and choosing the best no load funds for their unique investment situation and circumstances. Load fees are an unnecessary expense, and should be avoided by any investor who can make their own decisions. Multiple capitalization funds have a lot to offer, and using these funds may be the right choice for many investors.