Health and Biotech
  • The global health and biotech no load mutual funds can be perfect for some investors, but there are risks involved with these funds
  • No load mutual funds cost less, because there are no load fees, and they perform just as well or better than load funds
  • The best no load funds do not involve any 12b-1 marketing fees

Global health and biotech no load mutual funds can offer many benefits to some investors. These mutual funds invest in biotechnology and health companies, in the form of stock, all over the world. There are a number of reasons that funds invest in these sectors, and these investments can be very lucrative when things go well. The health and biotech funds may be very risky though. These sectors can be very volatile and unstable at times, so evaluating the best no load funds in these categories is important, to keep investment risks at an acceptable level. There are many health and biotech funds to choose from, and each will have different holdings, management styles, risks, and possible returns. Make sure to evaluate each possible fund completely, noting the risks, the returns, the goals of the specific fund, fund expenses, and all the other factors involved. This will help you find the global health and biotech funds which are right for your investment needs and portfolio.

Manning & Napier Life Sciences, with a symbol of EXLSX, is one of the health and biotech funds that attracts many individual investors. This is a health fund offered by Manning & Napier, with net assets valued at almost two hundred million dollars. Morningstar has rated this fund at two stars, and the lead manager is Jeffrey Coons. The minimum initial investment amount is small, at only two thousand dollars, and long term growth is the goal the fund has. Stock from life sciences companies around the globe make up at least eighty percent of the portfolio for this specific fund. Health and biotech funds can also be a good idea for institutions, and these no load funds have a few differences. Fund expenses are normally lower, because the amount needed for the initial investment is quite high, sometimes in the millions.

One of the best no load funds for institutions concerning health and biotech companies is the BlackRock Health Sciences Ops Inst Fund, with a ticker symbol of SHSSX. The Morningstar rating for this fund is the highest possible at five stars. The fund has net assets worth around one hundred and forty million dollars, and started operating in the year 2000. Thomas P. Callan has been the lead manager of the fund since 2005. The initial investment amount is two million dollars, too steep for most individuals but usually no problem for institutions. The fund expense ratio is less than one percent, and long term capital growth is the goal of this health and biotech mutual fund. No load mutual funds are not all created equally, and each will carry specific risks and potential rewards. Another option concerning no load funds is the Saratoga Health and Biotechnology I Fund, ticker symbol SBHIX. This fund has a lower initial investment requirement for institutional funds at ten thousand dollars, and the fund expense two point three percent, which makes it somewhat high for these fund types. This fund may not be for a majority investors because of all the factors involved, and thorough and careful evaluation is needed to determine whether this fund is right for you. There are over seven million dollars in net assets for this fund, and it is managed by Mark W. Oelschlager. The fund portfolio has a majority of holdings in health and biotech companies, and is not well diversified. No matter which no load mutual funds you choose, make sure to examine all health and biotech funds carefully, comparing each of the factors thoroughly. This will help you choose the best no load funds that fit well with your investment strategies, goals, and acceptable risk levels.