Consumers Services Sector
  • The best no load funds in the consumers services sector are those that have diverse portfolios to hedge against large risks and losses
  • No load index funds in the customers services department can be an ideal investment for many
  • Consumers services sector no load funds invest in companies that provide services to consumers

Consumers services sector no load funds are no load funds, including no load index funds, which invest in the consumer services sector. The companies that are included in this sector are very wide and diverse, and can include hotels, restaurants, stores, and much more. The best no load funds in this sector are those who invest in companies of all sizes, and that offer excellent diversity in the customer services department and sector. No load index funds can offer excellent diversity within the consumers services sector, but may not offer enough total portfolio diversity because of a heaviness in certain sectors and specialty funds. There are many great no load funds in the customer services department, it is simply a matter of doing the work and finding these funds. No load funds do not include investment advice, and this is why there are no load fees. These fees are paid to the broker or investment advisor for professional advice concerning which consumers services sector funds to choose. Most investors are more than competent when it comes to analyzing and comparing the best no load funds in this sector, and do not need to pay five percent or more in load fees for advice that is not really needed. Smart investing means choosing no load funds and then evaluating the possible choices, and choosing the funds which fit best with the strategies being used and investment goals desired.

One of the best no load funds to consider in the consumer services sector is the Fidelity Select Retailing Fund, with a ticker symbol of FSRPX and a three star Morningstar rating. This fund has over one hundred and fifty million dollars in net assets, and it has a high year to date return of twenty six point one four percent. Fidelity Investments offers this consumer services sector fund, and it was originally started in the year 1985. This is one of the no load index funds which may be ideal and should be considered by most investors. Evan Hornbuckle manages this specific fund, and a small initial investment of only twenty five hundred dollars is required to start an account. The Fidelity Select Retailing Fund has a wide variety of customer service investments, and capital appreciation is the fund goal. Holdings for this fund include Home Depot Inc., PetSmart Inc., Lumber Liquidators, Lowes Companies, Target CP, Staples Inc., Wal Mart Stores, Inc., TJX Cos Inc., and Best Buy Co Inc., among other holdings.

Another consumers services sector no load fund that many may consider one of the best no load funds around is the ProFunds Consumer Services Ultra Sec Inv Fund, with a ticker symbol of CYPIX. This fund is offered by ProFunds, and includes net assets worth more than one and a half million dollars. The fund inception date was in the year 2004, and it is currently managed by Hratch Najarian. The initial investment amount for this fund is somewhat high compared to many no load index funds and other mutual fund types at fifteen thousand dollars, but it offers no marketing fees at all which can help bring down the fund expenses. The total expense ratio for the ProFunds Consumer Services Ultra Sec Inv Fund is a little more than one and a half percent, which may seem high to some investors. This fund has holdings in a number of companies in the consumer services sector. These holdings include slightly more than seventy percent in cash and almost thirty percent in stock. Companies invested in include MacDonalds CP, Target CP, Time Warner Inc New, Comcast Corporation, Walgreen Co, Wal Mart Stores, Home Depot Inc, Lowes Companies, CVS CareMark CP, and Walt Disney Disney Co.