Best Commodity Funds
  • The best commodity funds are funds which are diversified and hedge against devastating losses
  • No load index funds follow a specific index in an attempt to follow the performance as well
  • A list of no load funds can help narrow down the fund choices, to find the right one for each investor

The best commodities funds can also be the best no load funds, and a list of no load funds that invest in the commodities market can provide a great investment opportunity for some investors. These funds include no load index funds, which are passively managed instead of being actively managed. The no load funds list should include all possible commodity no load funds which may fit a specific investment goal, strategy, or risk level. Commodity funds may be rated as domestic, international, or global, also called world funds. Domestic funds only invest in the United States, international funds invest everywhere but the USA, and global or world funds invest everywhere in the world including the USA. Commodity funds which are no load index funds that have a portfolio which is built to follow a specific index, such as the Standard and Poor index. One of the best commodity funds on the no load funds list is the Dow Jones AIG Commodities Index. This fund has nineteen commodities that involve futures contracts, and is considered one of the best no load funds when it comes to commodities and investing. This index is categorized as a rolling index, and it is considered one of the best concerning commodities.

The best commodity funds may include no load index funds that follow the Rogers International Commodities Index. This index invests in countries outside the USA, and it was developed by Jim Rogers. This index follows a basket of commodities which includes energy, agricultural, minerals and metals, and assorted other commodities. These no load index funds make the list of no load funds that should be considered when looking at all the commodity investment options. Another fund considered to be one of the best no load funds and definitely on the list of the top ten is the PIMCO Commodity Real Return Strategy Fund, with a ticker symbol of PCRDX. This fund is offered by PIMCO Funds, and has net assets worth more than four hundred and sixty dollars. There is a point two five percent 12b-1 marketing fee, but it is one of the best no load funds around concerning commodities. The yield for this fund is seven point six eight percent, and the initial minimum investment for this fund is only one thousand dollars.

The list of no load funds that are the best commodity funds will also include the Goldman Sachs Commodities Index. This index contains a basket of commodities and is used by other funds to try and mimic the performance seen. Almost all investment professionals would include the Goldman Sachs Commodities Index in the list of the best commodity funds. Another commodity investment on the no load funds list is the PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking, with a trading symbol of DBC. Investments include many types of oil, wheat gold, corn, and aluminum, among others. The net assets for this commodities fund are worth close to two billion dollars, and it follows the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodities Index in an attempt to copy the performance. Using the best no load funds when it comes to commodities means making investment decisions without getting any professional advice. Looking at the performance history, the risks associated, and other factors for each fund will help narrow down possible funds and make it easier to choose the right one. Use the Internet, do all of the necessary research to thoroughly evaluate each fund, and then finish by comparing all the best commodity funds to narrow it down to one fund. Not all commodity funds are the same, so finding ones which fit well with the investment strategy and acceptable risk levels are critical.