No Load Energy Funds
  • Alternative energy investments can be a great way to get good returns and prevent pollution
  • Green mutual funds are eco friendly and help the environment
  • No load mutual funds are a better investment usually than loaded funds


1. Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund, stock ticker GAAEX

The Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund is one of the best alternative energy investments you can make when it comes to green mutual funds. This fund has an annual expense ratio of one point six four percent, and the fund portfolio has many green energy choices. This fund allows you to get a great return on your investment while doing your part to prevent pollution and environmental damage.


2. Calvert Global Alternative Energy Fund, stock ticker CGAEX

The Calvert Global Alternative Energy Fund is another one of the no load energy funds that has a portfolio that is green and eco friendly when it comes to energy. This fund has an annual expense ratio of one point eight five percent. There are no load fees with these alternative energy investments, making them a terrific investment for you and the earth.


3. Powershares Wilderhill Clean Energy Portfolio, symbol PBW

Powershares Wilderhill Clean Energy Portfolio is an exchange traded fund which is one of the green mutual funds and the no load mutual funds. Only US companies are held by this fund, and it is the oldest exchange traded fund available. This fund is stable and generally low risk, and it has an excellent track record when it comes to returns.


4. Powershares Global Clean Energy, symbol PBD

Alternative energy investments can include Powershares Global Clean Energy. This fund has a three quarters of one percent annual expense ratio, and the fund portfolio is very well diversified. This allows you to minimize your trading risks and maximize your potential returns. This is one of the best green mutual funds out there.


5. Van Eck Global Alternative Energy Fund, symbol GEX

This fund is one of the most popular no load mutual funds for investors. The Van Eck Global Alternative Energy Fund has a global focus, and the annual expense ratio is a very small point six five percent, or less than one percent. This clean energy investment shows enormous potential for any serious investors.


6. First Trust NASDAQ US Liquid, symbol QCLN

This is one of the top ten no load energy funds, but this fund does have disadvantages, as well as advantages. A low annual expense ratio of six tenths of one percent means a low cost for investors. The downside is that this fund is focused only on US companies instead of being focused globally, which can limit returns a little.


7. ICON Energy, symbol ICENX

If you are looking for no load mutual funds in energy, consider ICON Energy. This fund has historic returns that are around twenty five percent annually for five year averages. This fund only requires a small investment compared to many of the no load mutual funds, with only an initial one thousand dollar investment to begin with.


8. U.S. Global Investors Global Resources, symbol PSPFX

U.S. Global Investors Global Resources is one of the best and well known no load energy funds you will find. This fund has actually had past three year earning averages of more than fifty percent at times. A minimum investment of five thousand dollars is needed to join this fund, and it should be a consideration if you are thinking of investing.


9. Vanguard Energy, symbol VGENX

Vanguard Energy is one of the top no load energy funds out there. With average returns every year that are around twenty percent or higher in the past, this fund can really help your money grow and flourish. This fund does have a steep initial cost though, because twenty five thousand dollars in investment capital is needed to purchase into this fund.


10. Market Vectors/ Van Eck Global Solar Energy ETF, symbol KWT

This fund is one of the alternative energy investments that can benefit you and the earth at the same time. The Market Vectors/ Van Eck Global Solar Energy ETF is an investment in solar energy globally. This fund has an annual expense ratio of just point six five percent, and is poised for large potential growth. This means great returns on your investment into this fund.